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Sand Sculpture FAQs

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Procedure for an Event
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Sand Sculpture Size
Does Weather Affect a Sand Sculpture?
Sand Sculpture Site Selection
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Procedure for an Event- Typically we begin construction before the opening of an event, preparing the sand and sand sculpture site. During an event our sculptors work as "performing artists", creating each sand sculpture through the event, interacting with the crowd, and completing it prior to the close of the event. This arrangement allows patrons to view the process, return to view the progress, and eventually the finished sculpture itself.
Interactive Features- In addition to an ever-expanding "performance art" piece our sculpting days are also filled with demonstrations of sand sculpture techniques, explanations of the process and answering any and all questions from the public or media. In addition, adjoining kids sandboxes, Where's Waldo style games based on the sand sculpture, competitions and special effects can be integrated with any project
Sand Sculpture Cost- Our quotes include all materials, labor, insurance, and travel costs necessary for a completed sand sculpture. We will manage all project logistics, and secure all materials and equipment. All you need to do is select the theme or subject matter - We do the rest.
Cost Saving Options- Sandscapes gives you the option. If you are able to have any materials, or travel expenses supplied, or sponsored your cost can be drastically reduced. For this purpose we include detailed cost breakdowns with our proposals. Materials schedules are available upon request should you consider supplying any travel, or material expenses.
Sand Sculpture Size- A sand sculpture looks best when it is not dwarfed by the space that it inhabits. With indoor projects this can vary in relation to floor space, or ceiling height. Subject matter also has an effect on the composition of the finished sculpture. For instance, a 50 ton sculpture of a cathedral would be considerably taller than a 50 ton sand sculpture of an automobile.
Does Weather Affect a Sand Sculpture?- Most of our projects are outdoors and completing a sculpture in inclement weather is where Sandscapes vast experience shines. Over time wind and rain can erode a sculpture. Severity of the weather and the type of sand used determine the protective measures we employ, but rest assured, with Sandscapes the project will be finished, and finished superbly.
Sand Sculpture Site Selection- A site can literally be anywhere, but a few considerations should be taken. Access to the site for materials deliveries, the type of surface at the site and the existence of any rooms, tunnels or substructures underneath the site are the primary concern.
Subject Matter- Wildlife, fairy tales, celebrity likenesses or even, yes, castles. These are a few examples of the limitless subjects we can create for you. Our sand sculptures are custom tailored to the theme of your event with the subject matter of your choice. And if sponsors are involved, they will be pleased when they see their corporate logo accurately sculpted right into the sculpture.
Our Sculptors- Sandscapes sculptors understand how important it is to have a project run smoothly for you. Our number one goal is to give you more than you expect. We accomplish this by producing superior sand sculpture, hassle free and affordably priced. Sandscapes supplies the press kit, and manages all aspects of construction.

In addition to numerous National, International, and Regional titles, Sandscapes hold 12 separate World Sand Sculpting Championships titles. Averaging 40 sand sculptures annually, our sculptors have created hundreds of sculptures of every imaginable subject matter at major venues around the world
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