Pump up your volume

Increase foot traffic and grab maximum media attention for holidays, grand openings, anniversaries or any event competing for media exposure. Giant exotic animals, local landmarks, celebrities, you name it and Sandscapes will make it happen big and bold in sand.

Construction of indoor sculptures sculptures begins overnight after closing. All materials are delivered to the site and cleanup is completed before the mall reopens. Sculpting commences the next day, typically performing 8 to 10 hours per day while we answer any questions from the public or the Media.

Sandscapes goal is to give you more than you expect and we accomplish this by providing you with the most experienced and flexible sculptors in the business, and by keeping our projects hassle free and affordably priced. Sandscapes manages all logistics and construction and is an IFEA and IAFE member.

"From start to finish you battled extraordinary circumstances but you never let them hinder you from getting the job done. I think you should advertise that you get the job done even when the U.S. Post office can't." (Referring to the Broadway Mall sand sculpture created during a blizzard)
~Mindy Dutka - Small Happenings, NY

  • Fully insured

  • Waterproof sandbox and floor protection

  • Discreet move-in

  • Over one thousand projects of experience


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