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“Sandscapes' sand sculpture teams are the best in our business – from planning and coordination, through to your completed and personalized masterpiece – they know how to work with your staff, your sponsors and your audiences to maximize the results. It is always a pleasure when I can recommend anyone as highly as I can Sandscapes.”
~Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE, President & CEO, International Festivals and Events Association

Go Pro

With the experience of over 1,000 professional sand sculpture projects including World Record sand sculptures for height, length, size and 12 separate World Sand Sculpture Championship titles, Sandscapes defines ‘expertise’. Our experience is your guarantee of a smooth running project.

Pro Shows

“From start to finish you battled extraordinary circumstances but you never let them hinder you from getting the job done. I think you should advertise that you get the job done even when the U.S. Post Office couldn't”
~Mindy Dutka - Small Happenings, NY

• Fairs & Festivals
Thirty years of experience, IAFE and IFEA member.
• Shopping Centers
Instant, interactive attractions by the ton.
• Trade Shows
Sand sculptures for conferences, trade shows and corporate events.


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